Process for symbols rant

Well, I am at that point where I don’t really like what I am trying to do. I originally thought of just vectorizing all those symbols which I would like to work with  for my bachelor project, but now I realize that I am losing the value of the craftsmanship of those symbols, which okay they are indeed symmetrical, but they were usually hand drawn. So I came across an artist ( ) who is Algerian/Bulgarian and makes use of this kind of symbolism to define the word ‘woman’ and all that comes with it. I tried contacting her to get to know more about her work in the hope that she might have some good resources and stuff because I am not quite sure how far she takes that literal meaning of the symbols. To be honest I think it is more of an interpretation than anything else.

“It is in the black and white series ‘Under Fertility’ that we see this mark marking work most powerfully as means to express ideas of ‘woman’. Through the traditional patterns, in stark black and white and employing a sense of rhythm and repetition that is compelling to the viewer, the series speaks of cycles and reproduction; the weight, responsibility and the joy that comes with what it is to be a woman.”

my favourite painting of her:



The thing is that I knew very little about my own culture and the more I read about it, the more I realize that maybe there’s no point into making some kind of book about it. I still can’t find much about why they used such symbols instead of something else ( although it kind of makes sense to them to use these symbols as they are originated from objects around them and nature).

First I thought that the Amazigh culture was indeed being pushed back into the shadows of the mountains of Morocco which is still very much true until this day. But since  ca. 2004 there have been a lot of movements that fight to bring it back into the light. But I really don’t think it has been enough, just because if I only ask my family in Morocco they still seem to know very little about their own culture and that’s actually not really a good thing.

I was told by my niece, who lives in Morocco, that I should be careful because the government doesn’t like us to talk bout the Imazighen. She also told me that I even could go to jail for saying that I could go to jail..

“yes you should be careful because no one here in morocco admits that . and the amazigh them selves ( sometimes) . now in morocco there’re no organisations that’s talk about that . what i told you is not existing in papper it’s just what our grangparents told us so that this truth won’t desapear”


All the things we know are the things that our grand grand parents have told us through many generations and that’s the only way that we have been able to keep our culture alive acctually. So I have been thinking a lot bout it and how I can bring a solution to some aspects of it, but because the theme is so wide I guess I just just limit myself to one aspect, the rugs and the symbols.


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