“what an asshole! I just realized that the mail that was sent to me was an automatic mail that gets send to everyone! what a shame it is.Hope they realize how awful this actually is. So this post was a mistake..”



Never in a million years would I have thought to get a reply from them. You know, they are like the place to be for interns all over the world and they have like a 2 year long waiting list. So you can’t just get in. Plus now they are really expanding and getting big clients and stuff.

What I am talking about is a graphic design studio based in Stockholm which does mainly branding and stop motion, But not your typical daily branding. They are awesome and I emailed them to see if I would get a reply and guess what: I got the reply in less than 2 hours, which was amazing!

I might not have gotten an intern ship there but whatever I got the best email ever.

Thank you Snask.

Check out their work!





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