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Amazigh rant 2 (concept)





I thought I would give a little update on what I am working on. First things first, holly crap, this s*** is really crazy. The history of the Amazigh people is so awesome and intriguing that I am Kind of losing myself in it. I have been reading a lot, watching a lot of stuff and thinking about what I really want to achieve.

Today I had a quick talk with one of my teachers and some of the students and they where also very confused because I was trying to tell them everything that I was doing and they couldn’t really handle it. I know for sure that I have to make choices and just do one thing, and try to do it really well, but during the holidays I was kind of worried that I would do this thing (which I’ll explain later) and the context would kind of fall off.

The main thing that I want to do is create a website, where you will be able to design a rug with Amazigh symbols. This way you can get to know the meaning of the symbols and they will come to life again, because the whole point of me making this is that the meaning has faded away because the Amazigh people have been oppressed by the government which made them dependant of the king, economically. I know for a fact that everything that is Amazigh is being industrialized for economical benefits and they do not seem to care much about the meaning and the powerful culture. If you want to get into details you should just do your own research about it then you will see how big the issue is.

Another thing that I am doing is recording voices of Amazigh and arab people who talk about these issues. Maybe it could evolve into like some kind of documentary? i don’t know, but I am just interested in knowing how much the Amazigh people of today know about the culture and what are the stereotypes that they believe in because our history has been indeed manipulated, so I am just doing this experiment and I’ll see where it goes.

I also started doing this publication or a book rather, but it is still a work in progress so we’ll see how it goes:

I am going to talk with an artist that is kind of doing the same thing to see what she is up to. I even got a hold to a girl in Amsterdam ( I think, or somewhere in the Netherlands) who is doing her master in anthropology studies and is working with the Amazigh culture.

For now, I am just learning how to use this nodebox thing to make my app/ catalogue/ website thing which looks like this:

Screenshot (615)

Screenshot (617)

Screenshot (619).png




DIY Loom

So after visiting the Miat and Manoeuvre in Ghent I got inspired and started to try something with weaving. I don’t own a loom and I didn’t want to spend money so I  just made one. I mean we have internet for a reason right?

If you want to make one, here’s what you’ll need to get started:


Start by ripping off the canvas textile, it should come off quite easily.

12516182_10207766986205940_785878805_n  12674136_10207766985925933_795548953_n

Make the right measurements to hammer your nails. I started with 0.5 cm but it didn’t work out well so I just put a nail in each 1 cm mark.

After that your loom will be ready! happy weaving!