beautiful rugs!!

Doing my research I came across a beautiful kind of rugs. They ere called Beni Ourain ( because that’s where they are made  duh!) and they are made of undyed natural wool. They are so stunning! They use geometrical symbols to decorate the rugs and they have such a minimalistic feel that they blend really well with any modern environment.

On a website I came across a beautiful sentence. It went like this: “These magnificent rugs have the fascinating ability to connect the long history of the nomadic Berber tribes with modern day interiors.”

You can find some on eBay and the price range goes somewhere between 250$- 800$.



symbol vector

started doing some vector work. Need to start over and work more symmetrically and precise though. but this is just a start. I figured that i can divide the symbols I two different categories as there are some that are really complex in form, while others are pretty simple.


weaving and fair trade

In this video you can see how the weaving technique in the amazigh culture has been an important object where they where able to store the native language and symbols as years went by. A UK designer did a project with them opening a web shop where this form of art could go internationally. She also helped them to be more creative and express more of their thought and surroundings in the weaving technique.