Type fun fun

There’s a challenge going on on instagram called #36days of type that challenges designers to draw a letter each day. It is acctually really cool if you got the time to do it. I managed to do a few and a timelapse so that’s something right?


i like(not) #1

When i listen to music i tend to write some of the lyrics that i like the most and this way i practice my lettering.

I fell in love with this kind of Typography and the spontaneous feeling that it has. i have been practicing it since like about 1 year ago and i am trying to perfection it as much as i can.

11241231_912478592156539_1269896377020241117_n  12047629_10206699634402812_508061826_n                                                                                     11811317_894545257283206_3929551651407498700_n