Martha Rosler

Semiotics of a kitchen is a holy grail of an artwork that I really appreciate. I don’t know much about art theory but I think that what she tried to show us is how powerful a woman can be in a kitchen (maybe?), not in a bad way of course, but  trying to teach her how she could defend herself with the weapons  she had at her disposal(nutcracker, knives, …) . Very funny and interesting but paradoxically very sad and confronting. At that time ( the 60s) women had to do a lot to come up for their rights and Martha Rosler did in in a very beautiful an maybe a bit primitive way.

I will leave you with a more artistical explanation from the MoMa website:

In this performance Rosler takes on the role of an apron-clad housewife and parodies the television cooking demonstrations popularized by Julia Child in the 1960s. Standing in a kitchen, surrounded by refrigerator, table, and stove, she moves through the alphabet from A to Z, assigning a letter to the various tools found in this domestic space. Wielding knives, a nutcracker, and a rolling pin, she warms to her task, her gestures sharply punctuating the rage and frustration of oppressive women’s roles. Rosler has said of this work, “I was concerned with something like the notion of ‘language speaking the subject,’ and with the transformation of the woman herself into a sign in a system of signs that represent a system of food production, a system of harnessed subjectivity.”


Me and Dex went to visit Manoeuvre in Ghent. It is a studio/ collective/ cultural place where artist work together with local people to achieve a combination of low and high art related projects.

We got to talks to Chris Rostaert who is a textile designer herself. She started the place and gave us a tour and talked us through some projects.

Many artist have done some amazing projects with people. One of the important things of this collective is the participation aspect and the combination of hobby and fine arts. I have seen some amazing secret projects coming to live and I am truly amazed by the results. It was a very nice experience to see all the beautiful things they do.

Make sure you visit their website! they always have workshops going on! 

Here are some sneak peek pictures: