Daniel Buren’s is 8.7cm

I went to visit the exhibition of Theo van Doesburg in the Bozar in brussels, but I found an artist way more interesting, Daniel Buren.

Yes, I didn’t know him although he is a very famous contemporarian artist. Everyone should go and see the exhibition, the documentary is really good!







Me and Dex went to visit Manoeuvre in Ghent. It is a studio/ collective/ cultural place where artist work together with local people to achieve a combination of low and high art related projects.

We got to talks to Chris Rostaert who is a textile designer herself. She started the place and gave us a tour and talked us through some projects.

Many artist have done some amazing projects with people. One of the important things of this collective is the participation aspect and the combination of hobby and fine arts. I have seen some amazing secret projects coming to live and I am truly amazed by the results. It was a very nice experience to see all the beautiful things they do.

Make sure you visit their website! they always have workshops going on!


Here are some sneak peek pictures:

Irma Boom’s books

This is Kind of a must see if you are into designing books, which is something I really want to be good at.

Irma Boom is an amazing Dutch book designer.

In the video she talks about +/- 21 books she has designed in her career. What I really like is her honesty when she talks about the troubles she had making each book.

Towards the end she shows her “dummy” books that she makes to see how the book comes together. What’s really interesting is how tiny the dummies are, like 5cm or so. When we design something at school we tend to print a test page in real size s we can really see what the end result would be so I ask myself how it would be if we did it that way. But I guess she really does it most  for the fun than for checking mistakes or whatever.