Processfolio inspiration books

I started looking into some good publications made that are kind of a process & finished product related, as well as an auto biography of the designer it self.

first, John Maeda’s book.

It is a beautiful combination of his rough sketches along with the end result. He also talks about personal things of his life that inspired him in a way.


Then there’s this, amazing book. Brosmind is a design studio based in Barcelona. They make such amazing commercial illustrations and their stage talks look awesome from what I’ve seen. Their book is titled “how, what, why” (i hope it’s the right order)and it ¬†shows process pictures and finished pieces as well. The book also comes with a comic, a bunch of stickers and more extras for you to enjoy. I wish I had all the money to buy it.

check out their website!



I also have read the book “never sleep”, which is a book from two designers giving advice to those who are going through design school or are about to graduate. I really liked their approach and how they didn’t leave out anything regarding their experiences and their worst poster designs for example.