site is af! (denk ik)

wheeee! finally managed to finish my website! Well I still need to figure out some ;things, like for example:

-the icons for my social media need to always stay on top, and i need to add a white background to the instagram icon.

-the click system thing doesn’t really work as I wanted to but, it is fine anyway.

-the images do not resize themselves when you view the site from an iphone or so.

-Need to make a var for videos (and gifs maybe)

but overall it looks really nice  and i am proud of the outcome. Many thanks to Arne Van Kauter ( for helping me with the code and the guys from code studio! I even learned a bit of programing myself (haha!)





I made some business cards and postcards to go with my website. The reason why i used different formats is because i started from the point where I was taking different key words from the text that appears on the website. By doing that I don’t give much away i get the attention of the person who gets the card. I used some funny words like “maniac” or “cheese” for example; those words have nothing to do with graphic design and people will go to my website expecting something totally different.