it’s falling apart

but for the better I promise!

From my last feedback  I got some interesting suggestions, like “why not put more text and make it a scrolling page?” or “you should get rid of the other pages and really focus on making a great ,eye catching home page”.

I was going to incorporate the wavy line anyway in my home page, but i think i need to think more about how to make the clicking method really clear, since i am going to get rid of the archive page and stuff. Not sure if i am going to make a scrolling page though.

think think think think.


site lay out


I made some lettering to go with my site because it is something that defines my style in a way. Initially  I wasn’t going to use lettering just because I don’t consider my self a hand letterer, but rather a graphic designer. At the end I came to the conclusion that hand lettering isn’t really something that wouldn’t fit into the graphic design world. (at the end of the day, before computers existed, all fonts where made by hand). Plus I think it is a very unique thing that I am able to do. people always tell me how good it is that i can write in that way so I decided to keep it in  my website and make something cool with it.

I have the chance to use it as a graphic designer so hopefully i will come up with something cool 🙂

PS: the colored squares that you see are supposed to represent images/ videos of my work.


site in the making

I tried my best to do some coding ( html and css), but i didn’t really succeed so i got someone to help me on the java script part to make the clicking think that i wnated for my home page. I don’t think that my website is going to be up and running for the jury but at least i can show them how it will look.